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    Are you wondering what to do with your old and non-usable car? While a lot of people opt for selling for scrap, there is another option out there. It is giving up your vehicle to a Car Recycler Auckland.

    Car recycling is a recent trend and has relatively few takers. Most customers do not regard this as the first option, and hence, by default, there is less experience and know-how. Nonetheless, we at A1 Car Removal render Free Car Recycling as one of our services.

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    What Is Car Recycling?

    Car Recycling is where the spare parts are removed and dismantled from your vehicle and used in other cars. The spare parts ensemble then serves as raw materials and sources for industrial applications.

    Why Car Recycling Required?

    Ask any Car Recycler, and the first thing you will hear is it helps reduce the amount of toxic waste in the environment. Apart from the metallic outer bodies, old and used vehicles are excellent sources of hazardous substances, including gasoline, coolants and fluids that need proper disposal. Recycled parts are the major contributor towards preventing unnecessary use of valuable landfills.

    We, at A1 Car Removal, provide Free Car Removal Service by not charging you for towing. More so, we ensure that clients get the best possible quote for their end-of-life cars.

    What Aspects Of The Car Do You Recycle?

    We recycle all aspects of the vehicle, including steel, a primary component in automobiles, oil, gas and fluids and other accessories.

    What Conditions Are Acceptable For Recycling?

    We recycle all cars, irrespective of make or model, or conditions. The conditions we accept are:

    • Damaged and wrecked
    • Old and aged
    • Running or non-running

    In case of doubts, call us on the contact number, and one of our representatives shall get in touch to take the process further.

    Can I Please Get A Run-through Of Your Car Recycling Process?

    Not only do we provide Free Car Recycling, but we also recycle automobiles with honesty and transparency. Our team of Car Recyclers ensure our clients that their vehicles are in safe hands.

    We, at A1 Car Removal, follow eco-friendly standards. Our process ensures that customers attain the maximum reclaimable amount, along with minimal damage to the environment.
    First, our trained team of technicians drain out the oil, gas and other operating fluids and safely store them for recycling. Getting this right is crucial, and for that, we use modern equipment and methods that help prevent any land or water contamination. If there are unrecyclable fluids, we dispose of them safely.

    Once done with the fluids, the physical components of the car undergo rigorous inspection. Doing so helps determine which parts are reusable. After this, the automobile is sent to the dismantling zone. This is where the components are removed and inspected.

    From here on, our Car Recyclers tag and code every part in our digital inventory system. Any accessories such as speakers, batteries and the steering wheel are sold online or refurbished for resale as used parts. More so, gas tanks and tires are removed and sent for recycling. Lastly, a lot of cars today have switches containing mercury. If not disposed of carefully, they can leak into rivers or water bodies and harm marine life.

    What remains is the outer body which is crushed and sent to the shredder. Here, it is broken into piece-meals for recovery. Additionally, ferrous and non-ferrous metals are distinguished using a giant magnet.

    In all, when offering Free Car Recycling, we take into consideration the nitty-gritty to ensure best practices are followed.

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