Is it necessary for me to drive to your location?

When you call A1 Car Removal Auckland, we schedule a time to come to your house or business, whichever is most convenient for you.
We will finalise the offer and arrange for the car to be picked up the same day after we inspect it. Another advantage of selling your used car, truck, or SUV to us is that you save money on gas and valuable time by not having to drive all over town to get the greatest deal.

What if all titleholders are unable to attend?

Every situation is unique!
A Power of Attorney may be able to sign on behalf of the title holder in certain circumstances. If the titleholder has died, you may need to go to the DMV (or similar in your area) to transfer ownership of the car to you.
If not all title holders are available, our Business Center can assist you in navigating your specific circumstance.

Can I get an online appraisal for my car?

Not at the moment. When you call us, our removal expert can estimate how much your vehicle is worth. However, we need to view it in person and test it on the road before providing an accurate evaluation.

Is it necessary to schedule an appointment before visiting the Car Hub?

A1 Car Removal Auckland provides a doorstep examination of your vehicle to check its condition and provide an exact value for your car. In addition, you must schedule the evaluation of your vehicle, and our executives will come to your home.

Are you ready to get paid?

Encash your in-hand offer immediately or within three days after review to securely and swiftly obtain payment in your account securely and promptly. We will handle all other documentation for free, including the RC transfer.

How can I sell my automobile online?

A1 Car Removal Auckland makes selling your car an easy and enjoyable affair. Enter a few data about your vehicle to receive a quick online valuation in less than 10 seconds. To get an accurate in-hand offer, book a free doorstep examination of your car at a time and date that works for you. We are so sure you’ll adore our deal that we’ll give you three days to locate a better one. 

Can I sell my leased car?

Yes, very commonly, in a method similar to that of a financed automobile.
We must assess your vehicle before contacting your leasing provider to determine your payback and equity condition.
Few firms do not permit the sale of a car until beyond the lease expiration date, but this varies per company.

What is the mode of payment?

Depending on the client’s requirements, we offer fast cash for automobiles and cheques or transfers. Please consult with us.

Do you provide free towing?

When a car removal service is ordered, we usually offer FREE towing based on the area and car make and model.

What paperwork should I bring to the vehicle removal?

We will want ownership documentation, a copy of your driver’s licence, keys, registration papers, and other documents necessary for the transfer.