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19th May, 2021

A common worry among car owners is getting rid of automobiles that need repair or are partially functional. Newsflash: You can now Sell Your Car that needs repairing.

What’s more, A1 Car Removal is an Auckland Car Buyer that specialises in unwanted vehicles. So, if you are someone who has such an automobile sitting in your driveway, there is something that you can do.

How Do I Go About Finding Scrap Car Dealers?

Every endeavour starts with research. Now with the advent of the internet, doing so has gotten easy and convenient. A brilliant way to begin your search for an Auckland Car Buyer is to ask around, go through the website and read customer ratings and reviews. Once done, you are in a better position to contemplate who to Sell Your Car.

How Much Cash Can I Receive For Selling A Car That Needs Repairs?

A lot of you may not know, but several factors need assessment. Any Auckland Car Buyer starts with evaluating the overall functionality of your car and then moves to the nitty-gritty, including the quality and operational prowess of spare parts.

Only once a detailed evaluation is done, an expert appraiser comes on board. The expert appraiser is a valuation expert who uses judgement and price comparison from other competing dealerships to provide a price quote.

Are There Any Specific Conditions That Are Acceptable To Car Dealers?

You can now Sell Your Car to dealers and wreckers irrespective of the conditions. Like other dealerships, junk and scrap yards, we at A1 Car Removal accept automobiles in the following conditions:

  • Old and aged
  • Damaged and wrecked
  • Junk and scrap
  • Running or non-running

How Quick Is The Car Removal Process?

The good news is the process to Sell Your Car is quick and instant. Once a price quote is put on offer, and should you choose to accept, the cash payment happens as soon as the personnel reach your location and inspect your car.

A1 Car Removal, an Auckland Car Buyer, offers much more to its customers than just instant cash. We also provide free towing and paperwork assistance on the day. More so, we are reachable at any time of the day, be it late at night or the dawn of a new day. Additionally, we also cater to emergencies through our same-day car removal service. If you are in dire need of dough, you can reach out to us for a quote right away.

To sell your car for cash today, call us on 0800 323 489